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Over 4,000 players have played in the AAB since 1996.

      The All American Bowl was founded in 1996 and the All American Eagles in 2012 to give athletes the opportunity to compete against the best at their level in an all star or team game setting at quality sports facilities.
     The All American Bowl and the All American Eagles gives athletes the potential to be scouted by colleges and professional football teams. We have several types of games for different levels of competition that include athletes from: College, JUCO, Adult Amateur, Men’s, Women’s, Minor (Pro) Leagues, Semi Pro, and High School.
      The first All American Bowl was played in Minnesota and has since been played at various cities across the country including Minneapolis (25th Year, US Bank Stadium), Dallas (AT&T Stadium, Charleston, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas.
     The All American Eagles (players from All American Bowl Games) play games versus regional and international Amateur, Semi Pro and Minor (Pro) League teams. Games have been played in Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Canada and Mexico. The All American Eagles have also played in five, Aztec Bowls in Mexico including Mexico City, Monterrey, Chihuahua as well as other games in Chiapas and Cancun.

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Super Player Agent Tony Mangini  Helps player make to the Next Level!

Tony MAngini

Super Player Agent Tony Mangini who Represented an Incredible Seven former All American Bowl players. incuding Super Wide Receiver/Tight End Darius Clark of Newberry CollegeSLOT Receiver Marcus Campbell of LaGrange CollegeSLOT Receiver Evan Cain of Western New England UniversityRunning Back Robert Catchings of Lincoln UniversityRunning Back/Strong Safety Gerald Childs of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireSuper Tight End Benjamin Galbraith of Delta Stateand Defensive Tackle Jacob Benegas of New Mexico State and Western Colorado University.

We had Around 50 Super Free Agent Players who Originally Signed-Up To-Attend The Lestini National Free Agent Tryout Camp and Super Combine, but due to the Terrible Weather Forecasts, including Freezing Weather, only 20 Players were able to Participate in the Event that was Highlighted by Four Players Who Broke  a 4.0 in The Pro-Shuttle and Two Other Players Who Ran in The 4.1’s of The Pro-Shuttle. 

Our Lestini Super Free Agents Combine Had The Great Privilege to Perform In This Incredible And Beautiful New University Of South Alabama Indoor Facility.

Although we were able to Use This Beautiful New University Of South Alabama Indoor FacilityThe Weather Was Still A Huge Major Factor, because The Temperature was 35 Degrees when we Started The Lestini Super Combine at 10:00 A.M. When we had our Initial Team Meeting in The Center of The Indoor Facility FieldAll of These Athletes were Fully-Covered with Long Sleeve Shirts and Coats. Then when we Started The Combinewith Coach Wes Courier Leading All of the Players in His Incredible and Spectacular Warm-Up WorkoutAll of The Players had to Disrobe “Down To Their Lestini Free Agent Combine Shirt with Their Player Number on it.

I, However, got to Keep-On Both of my Jackets, My Dallas Cowboys Wind Breaker and My Houston Oilers Winter Coat, because I was Really Cold.

The Lestini Professional Free Agents Had Some Incredible Speed Measurables!

In The Lestini Combine, Coach Ron Estay was The Coordinator of The Most Important Speed Measurable in The Pro-Agility Shuttle and he did another Amazing Job with his Pro-Shuttle Instruction as evidence that an Unbelievable Four Players Broke a “Mind-Boggling” 4.0 Flat and Another Incredible 7 of 13 Skill Players recorded an “Unbelievable” 4.2 Pro-Shuttle or Better and One Defensive End/Tight End Recorded an Incredible 4.31 Pro-Shuttle.

The Most Incredible Pro-Shuttle of The 2019 Lestini Super Combine was by #3 CB/KR Bradley Jefferson of Averett University with an “Unbelievable”
3.87 Pro-Shuttle and Another Amazing Pro-Shuttle was a 3.94 Pro-Shuttle by #7 Defensive Back Kunle Ayinde of The University of Minnesota

The Other Two Players who Broke The 4.0 Flat Pro-Shuttle Mark were #11 Slot Receiver Evan Cain of Western New England University with a 3.97 Pro-Shuttle and #2 Cornerback Dallin Finleywho I met on Saturday Night, in The Hotel Lobby, Ran an Outstanding 3.98 Pro-Shuttle.

Three Other Wide Receivers ran a 4.2 or Better Pro-Shuttle, including #1 WR Jazeric Peterson of Faulkner University with a 4.13 Pro-Shuttle; #6 WR Jeffery Barnett of Trine University with a 4.11 Pro-Shuttleand #14 Jareth Embry of Belhaven University with a 4.15 Pro-ShuttleThese Three Outstanding Wide Receivers Would Join Slot Receiver #11 Slot Receiver Evan Cain With a 3.97 Pro-Shuttle and The Four Other Skill Players Who Recorded in The 3.9’s and 3.8 with Incredible Pro Shuttle in This Speed Measurable In The Super Combine.

Wide Receiver Embry Returned for his Second Lestini Super Free Agent Combine as he Recorded Some Incredible Speed Measurables, including a 4.37 Forty in The 2018 Lestini Super Combine. 

The Other Super-Star Athlete who had an Incredible Forty and Pro-Shuttle for his Position was #9 Tyler Affa and The Really incredible Fact About Affa is that he did not Play High School Football, but Walked-On at Seton Hill University and Lettered Two Years, after Staring at Lackawanna National Junior CollegeAffa is 6-1 and 235 and he Ran a 4.56 in The Forty and did a 4.31 in The Pro-ShuttleHe could Play DE, TE, FB, or Linebacker.

I am going to Rate Affa (#44) as a Tight End, because he made several Great Catches in The One-On-One Drills and he Impressed all of Our Lestini Combine CoachesThe Tight End/Defensive End MEARS RATING Standard is Set at 4.8 in The Pro-Shuttle and so Affa Received The Maximum 400 MEARS RATING POINTS in The Pro-Shuttle.

The Wide Receiver MEARS RATING Standard is Set at 4.6so all Four Wide Receivers were given The Maximum 400 MEARS RATING POINTS. The Cornerback MEARS RATING Standard is Set at 4.6 and so All Three Defensive Backs were given The Maximum 400 MEARS RATING POINTS!

The One-On-One Player Drills Competition Was Really   Outstanding!

As I Explained before! The Weather was Really ColdSoIt Was Really Cold when These Lestini Free Agent Athletes Were Running Their Forty-Yard Dashes and While I had My Two Jackets and Three Shirts on to Keep Warm.

It was a Lot More Easy to Run a Pro-Shuttle and Do a Standing Broad Jumpbut Running a Forty-Yard Dash in 35 Degree Temperatureis not Easy, so I have Concentrated on These Great Athletes, Their Incredible Pro-Shuttles, and Outstanding One-On-One Player Drills Competition.

When we got through with The Super Combine Part of The Lestini Combine Camp, we realized that we had Three Wide Receivers, Three Slot Receivers, and Two Tight Ends, and all Eight were Outstanding in The One-On-One Player Drills Competition. Two of The Three Wide Receivers ran a 4.2 or Better Pro-Shuttle, including #1 WR Jazeric Peterson (6-0, 195) of Faulkner University with a 4.13 Pro-Shuttleand #14 Jareth Embry (6-0, 175) of Belhaven University with a 4.15 Pro-Shuttle.

The Other Outstanding Wide Receiver/Tight End was #4 Darius Clark (6-1, 220) of Newberry College who Recorded an Outstanding 4.29 Pro-Shuttle. I Will Rate and Rank Clark as a Potential Tight End, because he Would Rate and Rank Higher at That Position and He Could Become an Outstanding Tight End at The Next Level.

Slot Receiver #11 Evan Cain (5-9, 180) of Western New England University also Ran an Incredible 3.97 Pro-Shuttle and #6 WR Jeffery Barnett (5-7, 165) of Trine University Ran a 4.11 Pro-Shuttle; and They Joined The Other Three Receivers Who Recorded Incredible Pro Shuttles in This Speed Measurable In The Lestini Super Free Agent Combine. Slot Receiver#10 Marcus Campbell (5-9, 175) of LaGrange College Also Recorded a 4.34 Pro-Shuttle, and Campbell Made Some Great Catches in The One-On-One Player Drills Competition.

Our Two Tight Ends were Incredible as they also ran Unbelievable Pro-Shuttles for a Big Tight EndBoth Tight Ends were Also Unbelievably Impressive in The One-On-One Player Drills Competition as #31 Benjamin Galbraith (6-6, 255) of Delta State University Recorded an Unbelievable 4.29 Pro-Shuttlewhile #9 Tyler Affa (6-1, 235) of Seton Hill UniversityWho Was One of The Most Impressive Players at The Lestini CombineRecorded an Impressive 4.31 Pro-Shuttle.

We had Six Defensive Backs for our One-On-One Player Drills Competition against The Six Receiversbut we only had Three Cover Cornerbacks to Really Try and Attempt To Cover The Outstanding Wide ReceiversSlot Receiversand Tight Endsbut Those Three Cornerbacks had Incredible Speed Measurables.

The Most Incredible Pro-Shuttle of The 2019 Lestini Super Combine was Recorded by #3 Cornerback and Return Man Bradley Jefferson (5-7, 155) of Averett University with an “Unbelievable” and “Mind-Boggling” 3.87 Pro-Shuttle. Two Other Amazing Pro-Shuttles were a 3.94 Pro-Shuttle by #7 Defensive Back Kunle Ainde (5-11, 203) of The University of Minnesota and #2 Cornerback Dallin Finley (5-9, 189) of Southwest Minnesota State University, who I met on Saturday Night, in The Hotel Lobby, and who Ran an Outstanding 3.98 Pro-Shuttle

Although the Three or Four Cornerbacks Had Outstanding Speed Measurables and They Looked Extremely Fast in The Lestini Free Agent Super Combine  Forties, They Did Not Run Extremely Fast Forties, but They Were Extremely Quick and Extremely Aggressive in The One-On-One Player Drills Competition.

Also, most of The Wide Receivers and Defensive Backs wanted To Play both Positions in The One-On-One Competitionwhich was Great, because I was able To Evaluate Their Speed and Quickness on Both Sides of the Football.

All of The Lestini Super Combine Coaches have helped John and Mary Jo Lestini to make this Super Free Agents Combine, The Greatest and Most Impressive Free Agents Super Combine in the Country,  for all 18 Years.

I would still have to say that the most exciting part for me as a Super Scout is to see all of these Great Athletes “In Action and Showing Their Stuff” on Sunday in front of all of The Coaches and Scouts from various Professional Teams and Professional  LeaguesThere were a Few Canadian Professional Teams at the Super Combine and Super Workout 

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