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Final  Star 23 Stripes 20  

Game Video: https://www.youtube.com/live/t36xS394NAA?feature=shared

2019 All AMerican Bowl logo
          moa         skolt scott             homewood suites white

This year, the All American Bowl is celebrating its 27th Anniversary! We're bringing you the College/Free Agent American Bowl XXVII, proudlypresented by 360 Sports on January 6th, 2024 at 1:05pm at the architectural marvel - US Bank Stadium!  This iconic venue, home to the Minnesota Vikings and SUPER BOWL LII, will witness 80 of North America's top college and free agent football players showcase their unmatched skills.

So gear up for an unparalleled sporting spectacle, because at the All American Bowl, we don't just play the game, we live it!

Regester Here  

 Event Highlights
*  Player Sign In at the Hotel by the Mall of America, Wednesday , January 4th starting at 3pm.  

*  Viking Skolt (that's Snkolt in the Skol Vikings Promo Photo Above) and Lady Kira will be on hand Defending the North at the Banquet
and cheering on the players at the game! 
*  All Star Banquet January 5th guest Speakers Rickey Foggie Head Coach Minnesota Myth AFL1 and Michael Blair NFL Player/Jamaican Bobsled Team. Plus the All American Bowl Awards. 
*  Team Meetings, Practice and Combine at Indoor Augsburg Dome. January 5th, 2024
*  Pro Combine with new head coach Rickey Foggie of the Minnesota Myth Arena Football League 
*  College/Free Agent All American Bowl January 6th 1:05pm US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota 


Thursday - January 4th 2024
3:00pm -6:00pm
and Jersey Pick-up for all Players and Coaches
5:00pm Coaches Meeting 
6:00pm Players and Coaches Meeting Homewood MOA

Friday -  January 5th  2024
8:00am Breakfast 
9:00am. to 4:30pm  Workout and Practice: Augsburg College.
Game Jersey, Helmet and Shoulder pads for practice. 
Combine   Arena, Europe, CFL  NFL  with Rickey Foggie Head Coach Minnesota Myth AFL and Staff.
6:00pm  All American Bowl Awards Banquet at  Homewood MOA Speaker Rickey Foggie Head Coach Minnesota Myth AFL. 

Saturday Game Day Game - US Bank Stadium January 6th 2024 
1:05PM  College American Bowl XXVII Presented by 360 Sports Football All Star Game

Game Day:
11am  Lockers open at Stadium 401 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415
12:00pm Walk-Thru at Stadium 
12:00pm Fan Gates Open
12:45pm Team and Individual Pictures, Announcement of Player, National Anthem
1:05pm College/Free Agent All American Bowl Kick-Off 

Halftime Entertainment   Kicking and Punting Competition, Post Game Awards
*Schedule Subject to Change without Notice!
Players can take the Light Rail from the Stadium to MSP Airport after the game. 

* Game Day Player Photos, Players Announcements, Kick-off at US Bank Stadium (Home of 2018 Super Bowl and the Minnesota Vikings), Stadium entrance on the northside walking distance to the Light Rail Line. Family and Friends can Ride Lightrail in front of the Homwood Suites Hotel to the Mall of America and/or US Bank Stadium.


aab APP 

Tickets are all pre-sale, Use the Cash App at left (make sure to include your name(s)  or call 952-451-2104 

HOW CAN I GET TICKETS?    Yes there are TICKET SALES AT THE STADIUM!  Order Here or call 952-451-2104
General Admission: $20.00 Game  Seating Lower level players side of the field
Game tickets all pre-sale can be purchased at 952-451-2104   $20 Adults, Students $15, 12 to 6 $5, 5 and under Free. or ask a Coach or Player.
Enter at the ECO LAB Stadium Enterance!
Walking distance to the Light Rail Line. Family and Friends can Ride Lightrail in front of the Hilton Hotel to the Mall of America and/or US Bank Stadium for the Game.     





A few of the top players are coming to showcase their skills at the 27th Annual College/Free Agent All American Bowl. 

Juan Henry  jeremiah hartfield   devyn collins   dom nelson 
 Kwadir Delgado McIntyre   cedric Coleman  Ty Silverstrand  Harrington Greer jr

 IMG 1230  53312504904 206780e776 o7F66C083 BF5F 4118 992E 8CA15964AD36IMG 5999  IMG 0722 
 IMG 3458    IMG 3167   AE1Q4947   IMG 8705

Comgratulations to Arena Football team Minnesota Myth new Head Coach Ricky Foggie! 

Click Read More for All American Bowl FAQ, Itinerary, Hotel, Practice Game 
Complete event information and 2023 Nominations so far!
wyatt 4 wyatt


Saturday January 6th, 2024 1:05pm
College All American All Star Football Game - Stars vs Stripes


US Bank Stadium, Home of the Minnesota Vikings, and SUPER BOWL LII  Minneapolis, MN 

Provide quality football and educational opportunities for the players to continue thier football career.

College Seniors and Free Agents  Register Here 

The players have been recommended by their coaches and selected by the All American Bowl Selection Committee and the Football Scouting Bureau. These select players are being recognized for their outstanding Division I/II/III and Free Agent careers.

HOW CAN I GET TICKETS? NO TICKET SALES AT THE STADIUM!     Order Online or call 952-451-2104
General Admission: $20.00 Game  Seating Lower level players side of the field
Game tickets all pre-sale can be purchased at 952-451-2104   $20 Adults, Students $15, 12 to 6 $5, 5 and under Free. or ask a Coach or Player.
on the north side walking distance to the Light Rail Line. Family and Friends can Ride Lightrail in front of the Hilton Hotel to the Mall of America and/or US Bank Stadium for the Game.     

Friday January 5th at 6:00PM $20 includes meal. Speaker Ricky Foggie Head Coach Minnesota Myth AFL

Friends and Family Banquet Tickets Call 575-322-2695 

DOES THE MEDIA NEED CREDENTIALS?: Yes, Please Contact us at 575-322-2695 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yes, On 360 Sports Net, there will be a streeming link on this website.  If not Highlights of the game will be posted and Video after the game. The media is invited to attend all practice sessions and social events. Media credentials can be obtained by contacting the All American Bowl at 575-322-2695 and leaving a message with your name, affiliation and phone number.  Mall of America Website

mn_Myth_rickey_logo.pngWILL THERE BE SCOUTS WATCHING?

NFL, Canadian, Mexico, European, XFL, Arena, Scouting Bureaus, Minor League, and Professional Scouts are invited. However we cannot guarantee scout attendance. See Notable Alumni   Combine - Rickie Foggie Head Coach Minnesota Myth AFL

WILL THERE BE AWARDS GIVEN?                                                                                       
Post Game: MVP for both teams
Offense and Defense Lineman Awards - In honor of Mick Tingelhoff and Jim Marshall (Former Minnesota Vikings), 
Plus: Offense and Defense Awards and MVP Awards

All American Bowl Awards (Presented at the Banquet)

Yes   Homewood Suites the official hotel of the All American Bowl. Call 575-322-2695 for reservations  Homewood Suites (right next to the MOA) 2261 Killebrew Dr, Bloomington, MN 55425 Family and Friends huge Discount link Code AAB 
Friends and Family Discount Call 952-451-2104 All Suite Hotel BIG Rooms for 3 to 4 people with kitchenet.

The hotel is right on the Light Rail Line which goes to US Bank Stadium, Mall of America and the Airport for as low as $2.50.

homewood suites white

Yes, to do this a Friend or Family Member must contact the Hilton and make reservations for a separate room (you are able to use the Family & Friends discount). one of the area’s finest hotels, and will be the official hotel of the All American Bowl. Call 575-322-2695 for reservations .

No, Sponsors cover the cost. There is a cost to run the event, so we will provide players with the materials needed to secure a sponsorship. 

The event sponsorship fee is $499 plus your transportation cost to and from your home to the event.  No Sponsorship fee refunds will be made if canceled within 30 days of the event.  Due to limited roster positions we ask that you provide a commitment deposit fee of $79 in order to hold your roster spot this is refundable with your completed sponsor fee of $499 or you can just do the balance of which is $250. There are hundreds of players that want to participate in this event and only 42 players per team a chosen.  Call 575-322-2695 for reservations   Sponsor Page  See Sponsor Fee page for New Discounts. You can raise as much as possible anything over the fee,  is yours,  for other exspense.

The Sponsorship for players cover: Send a Sponsor a Form Here (pdf)
Hotel 2 Nights
Game Jersey
2 Meals and Awards Banquet (Meet and Greet)
All American Bowl All Star Ring
Game Video
Game Photos

Note: All Players are responsible for travel to Minneapolis for the All American Bowl, including all practices and to the game. Parent, friends, fans and coaches are welcome at all practices and it is OK and encouraged for players to ride along. Note: If you have special travel needs please contact us 575-322-2695 

NO, but a player can raise more than the required amount in additional sponsorship to cover travel and also raise spending money. Call 575-322-2695 for more information on how to cover your airfare!  Sponsor Forms  click here     Sponsor Fee Click Here


Coaches / Staff   Terry Sullivan, Chad Baldwin Green Bay Blizzard,  Eanest Wilson Minnesota College; Terrance Price; Mathew Collins: Micheal Blair NFL, Green Bay Packers XFL, Europe, AFL; Terrance Price Minnesota College: Tim Mathis Cumberland U; Dustin Yorek  Valley City State,Matthew Collins,  Brandon Bouma  Valley City State, Cody Dieffenbaughe rDakota State, Damien Rochon-Washington St. Paul pioneers, Glenn T Meyers Augsburg; Jeremy Hall S. Virginia U, Vincent Tobia Catholic U, Jeff Acton, John Tsironis Lake Erie College;  Vincent Tobia Catholic U, Jimmy Johnson, Tyler Bruso, Reggie T Echols,David Stone, Tyler Phillips, Shawn Anderson, Trevor Rolfes,Todd Western, Tyler Teknipp, Lori Lean, Sir Skolt, Lady Kira; Declan Sullivan; Matt Farago, 

2023 Nominations

Kidd Sutherlin WR 5'8 175 Westminster College
David Foster RB 5'8 225 Shasta college
Darrius Boyce DL 6'2 250 Maryland Warriors 
Christian Lee WR 5'7 170 Armstrong 
Kwadir Delgado-McIntyre DB 5'7 180 Southern Connecticut
Joseph Rossiter QB 6'5 220 BSN
Harrington Greer Jr WR 6'5 210 Manchester University
Davaris Howard LB/DL 6'4 235 Rapid City marshals 
Antwan Shipp RB 5'10 188 Capital university
Lee Privett DL/TE 6'0 230 Peru state
Aoese Oto RB 5'11 215 Adams State
Micky Crum TE 6'4 245 University of Louisville
Terry Hunter DL 6'2 230 Florida
Jeremiah Hartfield WR 5'9 188 Western New Mexico
Juan Henry Jr. DL 6'2 245  Sam Houston State
Grequenceo Coger Jr LB/DL 6'0 230 Brevard College
Cedric Coleman LB 6'2 225 Fort Valley State 
Dontrell Morrison WR 5'10 170 Kilgore college
Umar Qasim DL 6'1 255 Hiram college
Julevarrus Milstead DL 6'3 250 Waldorf University
Isah Sims RB 5'9 210 MN West
Jacob Husnik OL 6'4 280 MN West
Earon Garcia OL 5'11 260 Southwestern College
Ty Silverstrand OL 6'4 320 Judson University
Nnamdi Banks-Eke OL 6'2 345 Texas College
Roosevelt Lawrence DB 6'0 170 northern iowa
Ronald Archie WR 6'0 185 Central Washington
Isaiah Smith DB 6'1 205 Central State
Dominic Nelson QB 6'0 215 university of Missouri 
Anthony Baggett WR 5'9 160 Minneapolis Warriors
Nathan Thomas WR 6'4 215 Minneapolis Warriors
Savion Washington RB 5'9 190 Minneapolis Warriors
Jaylen Redd DB 6'0 185 Defiance College
Demetrius Moore WR 6'0 200 Chowan University
Cedric Coleman LB 6'2 210 Fort Valley State
Mustafa Majeed DB 6'2 190 Clark Atlanta university
Devyn Collins RB 5'7 190 Reinhardt University
Amos Eniitan RB 5'11 210 Trine University
Nathan Raggs WR 6'2 185 St. Paul pioneers
Preston  Buss RB 5'1 195 St. Paul pioneers
Jovonte Suber WR 5'10 160 St. Cloud State
Peter Osman WR 6'0 195 Southwest St
Eddy Deputie WR 5'11 170  Minneapolis Warriors
Lance Grant Jr wr 5'10 168 Homestead broncos
DJ Griffus RB 5'9 210 Baldwin Wallace
Devante Wright DL 6'0 280 Gillette mustangs
Michael Gray

Birmingham-Southern College


AJ Kelly


Ashar Thomas.

B Tomerlin OUAZ Def

Ben Kraft


Breven Palpallatoc OLB

C Brown Dakota State (SD) Def
C Lipsys Midland Def
C Mable Florida Memorial (FL) Def
C Vander Berg Dordt (IA) Def

Chase Coots

D McGarvie Concordia (Neb.) QB
D Pettiford Marian Def

Evan Lischka

F Cameron Sterling Def
G Sanes Missouri Baptist Def
I Abeo Indiana Wesleyan Def
I saddler Texas College QB
J Austin Missouri Baptist Def
J Dolincheck Morningside (Iowa) QB
J Walton Trinity International Def
J Wharton Siena Heights Def

Jarod Ontiveros


Jerrell Cary


Julian Johnson 


Justin Cabrera

K James-Newby Montana Tech Def
K Lewis William Penn (Iowa) Def
K Lowery Reinhardt Def
K Mathern Dickinson State (ND) Def
K Mccoy College of Idaho Def
L Brimmer Louisiana Christian Def
M Johnson Baker Def
M Latin Louisiana Christian Def
M Montgomery Briar Cliff (IA) Def
M Simon Cumberlands Def
M Smith Arizona Christian Def

Michael Purkey

N Engler St. Thomas Def
N Herstich Bluefield (VA) QB
P Vandal Jamestown (N.D.) Def
R Gerhardt Valley City State Def
R Ramsey Missouri Baptist Def

Rashod Shaw

S Motzkus Presentation Def
T Harrell Montana Western Def
T Kulka Lawrence Tech QB
T Waugh Grand View Def
T Wilson Benedictine (KS) Def

First team offense      
Pos. Name School Yr. Hometown
QB Braxton Plunk Mount Union Sr. Plant City, Fla.
RB Jhe’Quay Chretin Aurora Sr. Bastrop, Texas
RB Cornell Beachem Jr. Mount St. Joseph Sr. Cincinnati, Ohio
WR Wayne Ruby, Jr. Mount Union Sr. Pembroke Pines, Fla.
WR DeAngelo Hardy North Central Sr. Lake Villa, Ill.
TE Alex Larson St. John’s Sr. Woodbury, Minn.
T Jeske Maples North Central Jr. Moweaqua, Ill.
G Carson Barrett Mount Union Sr. Roswell, Ga.
C Jarod Thornton North Central (Ill.) Sr. Homewood, Ill.
G Travis Cepalia Tufts Sr. Park Ridge, N.J.
T JR Woods Johns Hopkins Sr. Saddle River, N.J.
First team defense
DE Justin Blazek UW-Platteville Sr. Naperville, Ill.
DT Dawson Dietz Washington & Jefferson Jr. Allison Park, Pa.
DT Dan Lester North Central Sr. Indian Creek, Ill.
DE Luke Schuermann Johns Hopkins Sr. St. Louis, Mo.
LB Caleb Harmel Trinity (Texas) Sr. Burton, Texas
LB Owen Grover Wartburg Sr. Dyersville, Iowa
LB Robert Coury Carnegie Mellon Sr. Phillipsburg, N.J.
CB Antwain Walker North Central Sr. Oswego, Ill.
S Caleb Brubaker Salisbury Jr. Mechanicsburg, Pa.
S Griffin Pendry Heidelberg Sr. Perrysburg, Ohio
CB Raylens Boutin Brockport Sr. Nyack, N.Y.
First team specialists
K Christian Hutra Springfield Sr. Holmes, N.Y.
P Owen Tapia Chapman Sr. Eastvale, Calif.
RET BJ Stewart Trinity (Texas) Jr. Shreveport, La.
Second team offense      
Pos. Name School Yr. Hometown
QB Tucker Horn Trinity (Texas) Sr. Graham, Texas
RB Giovanni Weeks Wheaton Sr. Kent City, Mich.
RB Hunter Clasen Wartburg Sr. Springbrook, Iowa
WR Trey Madsen Aurora Sr. Montgomery, Ill.
WR Joey Kidder Bethel Jr. New Richmond, Wis.
TE Penn Stoller Wabash Sr. Cissna Park, Ill.
T Ethan Ruckman Mary Hardin-Baylor Sr. San Antonio, Texas
G Trevor Gabriele Wheaton Sr. Wheaton, Ill.
C Matt Wrather John Carroll Jr. Powell, Ohio
G Tucker Kinney Wartburg Sr. DeWitt, Iowa
T Mike Bertoia UW-La Crosse Sr. Lake Zurich, Ill.
Second team defense
DE Jordan Downing Wartburg Sr. Waverly, Iowa
DT Duke Hill Mount Union Sr. Memphis, Tenn.
DT Riley Konrardy Wartburg Sr. LaMotte, Iowa
DE Hector Johnson Endicott Jr. Worcester, Mass.
LB Blake Rybar Linfield Sr. Monroe, Wash.
LB Durand Hill Mary Hardin-Baylor Jr. Austin, Texas
LB Rossy Moore Mount Union Jr. Lima, Ohio
CB Justin Gerhart Franklin & Marshall Sr. Lititz, Pa.
S Parker Rochford  Wartburg Jr. Edgewood, Iowa
S Jahiem Peake John Carroll Sr. Akron, Ohio
CB Michael Brown UW-River Falls Jr. Victoria, Minn.
Second team specialists
K Branden Steckel Heidelberg Sr. Cardington, Ohio
P Vicente Garcia Redlands Sr. Fontana, Calif.
RET Caezar Williams Castleton Jr. Round Rock, Texas
Third team offense      
Pos. Name School Yr. Hometown
QB A.J. Wingfield Ithaca Sr. Franklin Lakes, N.J.
RB DeAndre Parker Mount Union Sr. Crystal River, Fla.
RB Bryce Agnew Marietta Sr. Cleveland, Ohio
WR Scott Fraser Grove City Sr. Butler, Pa.
WR Daniel Huery Rose-Hulman Sr. Katy, Texas
TE Thomas Burke TCNJ Sr. Tysons Corner, Va.
T Kendrioun Boatman Belhaven Sr. McAdams, Miss.
G Randy Ruple Merchant Marine Sr. Menifee, Calif.
C Derek Brown Monmouth Sr. Pekin, Ill.
G Tonny Garcia Berry Sr. Kennesaw, Ga.
T Alex Klecker UW-River Falls Sr. River Falls, Wis.
Third team defense
DE Alex Aitchison Coe Sr. Cascade, Iowa
DT Wade Grubbs Randolph-Macon Jr. Providence Forge, Va.
DT Chance Knight Marietta Sr. Bridgeport, Ohio
DE Jack Kelly UW-La Crosse Sr. Plover, Wis.
LB Marcellus Romious Aurora Sr. Belleville, Ill.
LB Odin Soffredine Alma Sr. Traverse City, Mich.
LB Brevon Gude DePauw Sr. Avon, Ind.
CB Teone Sherrod King's Sr. Levittown, Pa.
S Brice Butler Westminster (Pa.) Jr. Farrell, Pa.
S Will Pickren Hampden-Sydney Sr. Mount Pleasant, S.C.
CB DeShawn Starks Mount St. Joseph Sr. Lexington, Ky.
Third team specialists
K Jack Hendren Bridgewater (Va.) Jr. Winchester, Va.
P Dan Giangrasso Brockport Jr. Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
RET Molayo Irefin St. Vincent Sr. Bowie, Md.
Braxton Plunk Mount Union QB Plant City, Fla.
Jhe’Quay Chretin Aurora RB Bastrop, Texas
Cornell Beachem Jr. Mount St. Joseph RB Cincinnati, Ohio
Wayne Ruby, Jr. Mount Union WR Pembroke Pines, Fla.
DeAngelo Hardy North Central WR Lake Villa, Ill.
Alex Larson St. John’s TE Woodbury, Minn.
Carson Barrett Mount Union G Roswell, Ga.
Jarod Thornton North Central (Ill.) C Homewood, Ill.
Travis Cepalia Tufts G Park Ridge, N.J.
JR Woods Johns Hopkins T Saddle River, N.J.
Justin Blazek UW-Platteville DE Naperville, Ill.
Dan Lester North Central DT Indian Creek, Ill.
Luke Schuermann Johns Hopkins DE St. Louis, Mo.
Caleb Harmel Trinity (Texas) LB Burton, Texas
Owen Grover Wartburg LB Dyersville, Iowa
Robert Coury Carnegie Mellon LB Phillipsburg, N.J.
Antwain Walker North Central CB Oswego, Ill.
Griffin Pendry Heidelberg S Perrysburg, Ohio
Raylens Boutin Brockport CB Nyack, N.Y.
Christian Hutra Springfield K Holmes, N.Y.
Owen Tapia Chapman P Eastvale, Calif.
Tucker Horn Trinity (Texas) QB Graham, Texas
Giovanni Weeks Wheaton RB Kent City, Mich.
Hunter Clasen Wartburg RB Springbrook, Iowa
Trey Madsen Aurora WR Montgomery, Ill.
Penn Stoller Wabash TE Cissna Park, Ill.
Ethan Ruckman Mary Hardin-Baylor T San Antonio, Texas
Trevor Gabriele Wheaton G Wheaton, Ill.
Tucker Kinney Wartburg G DeWitt, Iowa
Mike Bertoia UW-La Crosse T Lake Zurich, Ill.
Jordan Downing Wartburg DE Waverly, Iowa
Duke Hill Mount Union DT Memphis, Tenn.
Riley Konrardy Wartburg DT LaMotte, Iowa
Blake Rybar Linfield LB Monroe, Wash.
Justin Gerhart Franklin & Marshall CB Lititz, Pa.
Jahiem Peake John Carroll S Akron, Ohio
Branden Steckel Heidelberg K Cardington, Ohio
Vicente Garcia Redlands P Fontana, Calif.
A.J. Wingfield Ithaca QB Franklin Lakes, N.J.
DeAndre Parker Mount Union RB Crystal River, Fla.
Bryce Agnew Marietta RB Cleveland, Ohio
Scott Fraser Grove City WR Butler, Pa.
Daniel Huery Rose-Hulman WR Katy, Texas
Thomas Burke TCNJ TE Tysons Corner, Va.
Kendrioun Boatman Belhaven T McAdams, Miss.
Randy Ruple Merchant Marine G Menifee, Calif.
Derek Brown Monmouth C Pekin, Ill.
Tonny Garcia Berry G Kennesaw, Ga.
Alex Klecker UW-River Falls T River Falls, Wis.
Alex Aitchison Coe DE Cascade, Iowa
Chance Knight Marietta DT Bridgeport, Ohio
Jack Kelly UW-La Crosse DE Plover, Wis.
Marcellus Romious Aurora LB Belleville, Ill.
Odin Soffredine Alma LB Traverse City, Mich.
Brevon Gude DePauw LB Avon, Ind.
Teone Sherrod King's CB Levittown, Pa.
Will Pickren Hampden-Sydney S Mount Pleasant, S.C.
DeShawn Starks Mount St. Joseph CB Lexington, Ky.
Molayo Irefin St. Vincent RET Bowie, Md.

-Justin Blazek
DE | Senior | UW-Platteville

-Kolbe Blunt
RB | Senior | Belhaven

-Jake Breitbach
WR | Senior | Gustavus Adolphus

-Drew Campanale
QB | Senior | Randolph-Macon

-Robert Coury
LB | Senior | Carnegie Mellon

-Owen Grover
LB | Senior | Wartburg

-Egon Hein
DB | Senior | UW-Whitewater

-Keyser Helterbrand
QB | Senior | UW-La Crosse

-Tucker Horn
QB | Senior | Trinity (Texas)

-Tomás Kenary
DL | Senior | Middlebury

-Luke Lehnen
QB | Junior | North Central (Ill.)

-Braxton Plunk
QB | Senior | Mount Union

-Luke Schuermann
DL | Senior | Johns Hopkins

-Aaron Syverson
QB | Senior | Saint John's

-Josh Taylor
QB | Senior | Mount St. Joseph

-Giovanni Weeks
RB | Senior | Wheaton (Ill.)