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Over 4,000 players have played in the AAB since 1996.

      The All American Bowl was founded in 1996 and the All American Eagles in 2012 to give athletes the opportunity to compete against the best at their level in an all star or team game setting at quality sports facilities.
     The All American Bowl and the All American Eagles gives athletes the potential to be scouted by colleges and professional football teams. We have several types of games for different levels of competition that include athletes from: College, JUCO, Adult Amateur, Men’s, Women’s, Minor (Pro) Leagues, Semi Pro, and High School.
      The first All American Bowl was played in Minnesota and has since been played at various cities across the country including Minneapolis (25th Year, US Bank Stadium), Dallas (AT&T Stadium, Charleston, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas.
     The All American Eagles (players from All American Bowl Games) play games versus regional and international Amateur, Semi Pro and Minor (Pro) League teams. Games have been played in Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Canada and Mexico. The All American Eagles have also played in five, Aztec Bowls in Mexico including Mexico City, Monterrey, Chihuahua as well as other games in Chiapas and Cancun.

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2019 All AMerican Bowl logo                                      

US Bank Stadium West Facade   hilton logo    mall    us bank stadium dentro 1024x404     

College All American Bowl Presented by 360 Sports at US Bank Stadium  Friday December 30th 2022

This the 26th Annivasery of the All American Bowl and will be sponsored in part by 360 Sports and played  at the outstanding work of art, US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings and SUPER BOWL LII.   

College and Free Agent players from all over the United States and Canada will play in Gateway All American Bowl XXVI All Star Football Game,  December 30th, 2022 at 1:05pm.  

One Hundred of the North America's top college and free agents football players have been selected to showcase their skills.  

Regester Here

 Event Highlights
*  College and Free Agent All American Bowl at US Bank Stadium.

*  Viking Skolt (that's Skolt in the Skol Vikings Promo Photo Above) and Lady Kira will be on hand Defending the North at the Banquet and cheering on the players at the game! 

* Player Sign In at  Hilton Hotel Wednesday , December 28th starting at 3pm.  

*  All Star Banquet December 29th at the Hilton Hotel with guest Speaker former Minnesota Viking JT Turner. Plus the presentation of the All American Bowl Awards. 

*  Team Meetings, Practice and Combine at Stardome Indoor Dome. December 29th.
(see itinerary and Hotel information Click Read More)

* Game Day Player Photos, Players Announcements, Kick-off at US Bank Stadium (Home of 2018 Super Bowl and the Minnesota Vikings), Tickets at the Eco Lab Entrance on the north side walking distance to the Light Rail Line. Family and Friends can Ride Lightrail in front of the Hilton Hotel to the Mall of America and/or US Bank Stadium.

Here just a few of the oustanding atheltes ready to compete on December 30th:  More to come

#9 QB Mateo Rentria, College of Wooster, #46 LS Aaron Castillo, Bemidji State; #5 DB Jayme Vicente-Colon Lake Erie College; QB #17 Tyler Kulka Lawrence Tech University;  LB #45 Brad Guell  Ripon College; WR #1 Darryl Williams, Winona State: WR #14 Brennans Fu   John Carrol;  #87 TE Jaylen Schleicher Winona State;   #40 DL Aseli Finau Eastern New Mexico:  DB #34 Colton Taylor Valley City ST;  OL #75 Joe Salas Valley City State  WR #19 Kaipo Magsayo   Ripon College; WR #7 Javon Bowie Jamestown State; RB #28 Tahj Davidson Langston College ; RB #2 Isiah Sims; TE #10 Nura Sales II  Florida Memorial U;  OL #78 Omar Roberts  Carthrage College;  #14 QB Gage Porter Southern Nazarene;  LB #12 Drew Pendleton Mount Marty U; #0 DL  Dylon Ross Ripon; OL #74 Apny Omol, Augsburg; Ismail Qawee Cumberland U Savannah State; #62 OL Grayson Winter  Southern Nazarene; #3 DB Anthony Merriman III Olivet College;
#7 QB Jake  Cirillo, East Stroudsburg St; #62 OL Mason O'Neal Shorter U;  DB #7 Trenton Smith Southern Nazarene; roudsburg;#26 RB Gunner Anglovich East St; #13 WR Brian Colarusso Oberlin College;
#90 DL Caleb lowery Winston Salem St; #74 OL Apny Omol Augsburg; #75 OL Justin Gowan Lincoln U of PA; #0 DB Jordan Walton Grand Rapids; #1 DB Ismail Abdul Qawee Cumberland U; #7 DB Trenton Smith Southern Nazarene;
#59 DL William Anoai Evangel U;

      meteo    8B07AF37 30C7 4AF7 883E C908553F0E00       jayme storm         Tyler Kulka Lawrence Tech         Jaylen Schleicher Winona State         Aseli Finau Eastern New Mexico University           Darryl Williams Winona State


 brad 45       bennan fugh wr             colton taylor         

  1 DB Sterling Lowery Wagner College     salas           kaipo            javon

       Gage_Porter_Southern_Nazarene_University.jpg  nura sales Florida Memorial       omar roberts carthage     tajh Davidson Langston college 

32  46  corey 25  drew

      Demetrius Walker Texas am commerce  Dylon ross 0 DL ripon    Apny Omol OL Augsburg  

      isiah sims warriors       Ismail Qawee Cumberland U Savannah St      16 DB Nathan Gottlieb Macalester   grayson Winter ol 62 Southern Nazarene U

      3 DB Anthony Merriman III Olivet College     Jake Cirillo East Stroudsburg University   

     Mason ONeal Shorter University OL     trenton Smith Southern Nazarene University   Gunner Anglovich East Stroudsburg

      13 Brian Colarusso Oberlin College      Caleb lowery Winston Salem st 90 DL   74 OL Apny omol Augsburg

     75 OL Justin Gowan Lincoln u of pa     Db Jordan Walton Grand Rapids   Ismail Qawee Cumberland U Savannah St             

     7 DB Trenton Smith Southern Nazarene     Dl 59 William ANOAI evangel u


Click Read More for FAQ, Itinerary, Hotel, Practice Game 
Complete event information and 2022 Nominations so far!



Friday December 30th, 2022 1pm
College All American All - Stars vs Stripes

Other Bowl Games in the USA on Friday December 30th 2022
Friday Dec 30  College/Free Agent All American Bowl (360 Sports Net Stream) US Bank Stadium 1:05 p.m. 
Friday Dec. 30  Orange  Bowl Miami, Fla.  7:30 or 8 p.m. (ESPN)   ACC vs. Big Ten/SEC/ND

Friday Dec. 30   Arizona Bowl  Tucson, Ariz.  4:30 p.m. (Barstool)             Mountain West vs. MAC
Friday Dec. 30 Tony the Tiger Bowl El Paso, Tex.  2 p.m. (CBS)   ACC/Notre Dame vs. Pac-12
Friday Dec. 30 Duke's Mayo Bowl Charlotte  Noon (ESPN)          ACC/Notre Dame vs. Big Ten

US Bank Stadium, Home of the Minnesota Vikings, and SUPER BOWL LII  Minneapolis, MN 

Provide quality football and educational opportunities for the players.

2022  College Seniors and Free Agents  Register Here 

The players have been recommended by their coaches and selected by the All American Bowl Selection Committee and the Football Scouting Bureau. These select players are being recognized for their outstanding Division I/II/III and Free Agent careers.

General Admission: $20.00 Game   Lower level players side of the field
Game tickets can be purchased at 575-322-2695     $20 Adults, Students $15, 12 to 6 $5, 5 and under Free.
on the north side walking distance to the Light Rail Line. Family and Friends can Ride Lightrail in front of the Crown Plaza Aire Hotel to the Mall of America and/or US Bank Stadium for the Game.    Order Here  

cash app
Thursday December 29th at 7:00PM $20 includes meal.
Friends and Family Banquet Tickets Call 575-322-2695 

2022 Practice Itinerary

Wednesday - December 28th 2022
3:00pm -6:00pm
Hilton Hotel, Sign-in and Jersey Pick-up for all Players and Coaches
3800 American Blvd East  Bloomington MN 55425  (Just Across from from MSP Airport)
7:00pm Team Meetings/Practice
Practice on Wednesday Night and Thursday Day is MANDITORY!

Thursday -  December 29th  2022
10:00am  Open Time (Mall of America)
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Workout and Practice: 
Holy Angels Stardome, 6600 Nicollet Ave, Richfield, MN 5532
Game Jersey, Helmet and Shoulder pads for practice.

4:00pm Break
4:30pm Practice
6:55pm  All American Bowl Awards Banquet at Hilton Hotel

Friday Game Day Game - US Bank Stadium  December 30th 2022 

1:05PM  College/Free Agent 360 Sports All American Bowl Presented Football All Star Game

Game Day:
9am Team Meetings 
11:30am Walk-Thru at Stadium 401 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415
12:00pm Fan Gates Open
Team and Individual Pictures, Announcement of Player, National Anthem

1:05pm College/Free Agent All American Bowl Kick-Off 

Halftime Entertainment  
Kicking and Punting Competition, Post Game Awards
*Schedule Subject to Change without Notice!
Player can take the Light Rail from the Stadium to MSP Airport after the game. 

DOES THE MEDIA NEED CREDENTIALS?: Yes, Please Contact us at 575-322-2695 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Broadcast Yes, On 360 Sports Net, there will be a streeming link on this website.  If not Highlights of the game will be posted and Video after the game. The media is invited to attend all practice sessions and social events. Media credentials can be obtained by contacting the All American Bowl at 575-322-2695 and leaving a message with your name, affiliation and phone number.  Mall of America Website

NFL, Canadian, Mexico, European, XFL, Arena, Scouting Bureaus, Minor League, and Professional Scouts are invited. However we cannot guarantee scout attendance. See Notable Alumni

WILL THERE BE AWARDS GIVEN?                                                                                       
Post Game: MVP for both teams
Offense and Defense Lineman Awards - In honor of Mick Tingelhoff and Jim Marshall (Former Minnesota Vikings), 
Plus: Offense and Defense Awards and MVP Awards
All American Bowl Awards (Presented at the Banquet)

Yes  Hilton Hotel Bloomington 3800 American Blvd East  Bloomington MN 55425  (Just Across from from MSP Airport)  is one of the area’s finest hotels, and will be the official hotel of the All American Bowl. Call 575-322-2695 for reservations   Family and Friends Discount link Code AAB (TBD)  (look at Group Code are to see AAB when you are putting in you stay dates.    Friends and Family Link $114 per night. Click Here

Discount Hotel Rate. Click Here  Friends and Family Link $114 per night. Click Here

The hotel is right on the Light Rail Line which goes to US Bank Stadium, Mall of America and the Airport for as low as $2.50.


Yes, to do this a Friend or Family Member must contact the Hilton and make reservations for a separate room (you are able to use the Family & Friends discount). Hilton Hotel  Bloomington  3800 American Blvd East  Bloomington MN 55425   (Just Across from from MSP Airport)  is one of the area’s finest hotels, and will be the official hotel of the All American Bowl. Call 575-322-2695 for reservations   Family and Friends Discount link $114.00 per night plus tax.  Code AMB  (look at Group Code are to see AMB when you are putting in you stay dates.  Link Coming Soon.

No, they obtain sponsors to cover the cost. There is a cost to run the event so we will provide players with the materials needed to secure a sponsorship. The event sponsorship fee is $499 plus your transportation cost to and from your home to the event.  No Sponsorship fee refunds will be made if canceled within 30 days of the event.  Due to limited roster positions we ask that you provide a commitment deposit fee of $249 in order to hold your roster spot this is refundable with your completed sponsor fee of $499 or you can just do the balance of which is $250. There are hundreds of players that want to participate in this event.   Call 575-322-2695 for reservations   Sponsor Page

NO, but a player can get more than the required amount in additional sponsorship to cover travel. Call 575-322-2695 for more information on how to cover your airfare!

Full Fee Due Nov 25th   Sponsor Forms  click here    Sponsor Fee Click Here

The Players FULL sponsorship will cover: Send a Sponsor a Form Here (pdf)
Hotel 2 Nights

Game Jersey
2 Meals and Awards Banquet (Meet and Greet)
All American Bowl All Star Ring
Game Video
Game Photos

Note: All Players are responsible for travel to Minneapolis for the All American Bowl, including all practices and to the game. Parent, friends, fans and coaches are welcome at all practices and it is OK and encouraged for players to ride along. Note: If you have special travel needs please contact us 575-322-2695 


Coaches / Staff   Terry Sullivan, Chad Baldwin Green Bay Blizzard,  Micheal Blair NFL, Green Bay Packers XFL, Europe, AFL; Tim Mathis Cumberland U; Dustin Yorek  Valley City State, Brandon Bouma  Valley City State, Cody Dieffenbaughe rDakota State, Damien Rochon-Washington St. Paul pioneers, Glenn T Meyers Augsburg; Jeremy Hall S. Virginia U, Vincent Tobia Catholic U, Jeff Acton, John Tsironis Lake Erie College;  Vincent Tobia Catholic U, Jimmy Johnson, Tyler Bruso, Reggie T Echols,David Stone, Tyler Phillips, Shawn Anderson, Trevor Rolfes,Todd Western, Tyler Teknipp, Lori Lean, Sir Skolt, Lady Kira Declan Sullivan; Matt Farago, 

360 Sports Events www.allamericanbowl.com

2022 Nomination as of 10/20/22 More to come!

 Ike Irabor Union College (NY) RB
 JB Keilani Texas AM Commerce OL
Aaron Michael Piggee Miami blaze RB
Aiden Chang  Carleton RB
AJ Moses Iowa Weslyan RB
Alfaro,Cameron  Sioux Falls DB
Anderson,Somon Minnesota State DB
Andre Ross Jr. Union College (NY) WR
Anthony Rodriguez Greenville  OL
Aseli Finau Eastern New Mexico U DE
Austin Ricketts Greenville  OL
Avinash Jawahir XFL DB
Bates,Peyton Greenville QB
Beaulieu,Brendan Bemidji State) WR
Beck,Devin  Umary LB
Ben Bolinske Minot State WR/QB
Ben Hutch Texas AM Commerce OL
BJ Busbee Texas AM Commerce WR
Blake Andrew Charles King Valley City State DB
Blake King Valley City State DB
Bohn,Nick Wayne State  RB
Brad D Guell Ripon College LB
Brandon Greer Elmhurst College DB
Brandon Mlekus Pittsburg State  S
Brandon Tuck-Hayden Slippery Rock  LB
Brennan John Fugh John Carroll University WR
Brian Colarusso Oberlin College WR
Brian Corbins Winona State  CB
Brumfield,Rayshion  Minnesota Duluth DB
Bryce Murphy Pittsburg State  WR
Burns,Onte Southwest Minnesota State LB
Bynum,Byron  Minnesota Duluth) WR
Cade Sheehan Augsburg RB
Caleb Lowery Winston Salem State  DL
Caleb Ness Minot State DE LB
Cameron Marquise Fitts Anderson University OL/DL
Carmickle,Armani Minnesota Duluth) WR
Carter Duxbury Winona State  DL
Celestin Haba Texas AM Commerce DL
Charles,Devyn Umary LB
Cherrier,Isaiah  Northern State RB
Christopher Hackett Southwestern University OL
Cole  Hissong The College of Wooster TE
Colton Taylor Valley City State DB
Conrad,Payton  Minnesota State  LB
Cooper Mattern Concordia RB
Corbins Jr.,Brian Winona State DB
Corey Lamont Johnson Cumberland Univeristy/Savannah State RB
Curtis Cuillard Southwest Babtist WR
D’Ante Smith Texas AM Commerce CB
Darius Williams Texas AM Commerce S
Darryl Williams Winona State  RB/ret
Dati,Brad  Minnesota Duluth LB
Demetrius Antiono Walker Texas a&m commerce LB
Demetrius Walker Texas AM Commerce LB
Derek Martinez-Delgado Greenville  OL
Derrick Ferguson Greenville  DB
Dez Dewayne Eddie Lakeland University RB
DJ Adediwura Slippery Rock  DL
DJ Monroe  Augsburg RB
Dominic Feess Greenville  WR
Dominik London Winona State  RB
Douglas Becker Greenville  DL
Drew Pendleton Mount Marty University LB
Duncan-Busby,Dhel  Bemidji State) WR
Dustin Kasowski Valley City State LB
Dylon Ross Ripon DL
Elijah Harris Pittsburg State  WR
Embry,Jordan St. Olaf RB
Fiscelli,Dominick Northern State) WR
France,J'Von Wayne State  DB
Gage Kenner Greenville  DL
Gage Porter Southern Nazarene University QB
Gbor,Dayvia Minnesota Duluth DB
Geirge Rios Texas A&M kingsville LS
Gerald Gardner Lake Erie College  QB
Gilles,Richie St. Norbert QB
Graske,Christia  St. Olaf RB
Hain,Ashton St. Scholastica  RB
Henry Kellogg TSL DL
Henry Trost  Saint John's  RB
Hunter Cleaver Salisbury University WR
Isaiah Thompson Augsburg RB
Ismail A Abdul Qawee Cumberland Univeristy/Savannah State DB
Jack Andrew Preston East Central University K
Jacob Gottenborg Valley City State WR
Jacob Williams Slippery Rock  DB
Jaden Van Henderson Greensboro College DB
Jailin Leon Singleton North American University WR
Jakameron Elijah Roberts San Augustine wolves OL
Jake Cirillo East Stroudsburg University QB
Jamal Delon Dorsey Langston University DL
Jameson Wolanski Greenville  OL
Jason Young Winona State  WR
Javon Bowie University of Jamestown WR
Jaylen Schleicher North American University WR
Jayme Vicente-Colon Lake Erie College DB/LB
Jeremiah Harris Arizona Rattlers Webber  WR
JoBentley Z Keilani Texas a&m commerce OL
Joe Salas Valley City State OL
Jonathan Singleton  Carleton RB
Jones,Terrell Hamline RB
Jordan Sanford Minot State LB
Joseph Alexander Salas Valley City State University OL
JT Smith Texas AM Commerce RB
Justice Williams Texas AM Commerce DL
Kaipo Magsayo Ripon College wr
Keelen D Ellison Langston University DL
Keiondre Hall Pittsburg State  DE
Keith Latrell Turner Faulkner University DB
Kenedy Snell Texas AM Commerce WR
Kevin Hyde Slippery Rock  DB
Kittner,Danny UMary) WR
Konde, Rohee  Gustavus RB
Kory Woodruff Pittsburg State  OL
Kunkle,Bryce Bethel RB
Kutterer,Brennan  Northern State LB
Lakari Benjamin Greenville  LB
Lamoureux,Peyton Minot State) WR
Lee,Mason Wayne State ) WR
Liggett,T.J  Augustana LB
Logan Krueger Minot State DE
Logan Pampel Macalester RB
Lucas Hermo Greenville  K
Marcus Reeb  Minnesota Morris QB
Martin Jones Valley City State DB
Mateo Renteria The College of Wooster QB
McKiever jr Semi Pro DL
Michael Anderson JUCO DB
Michael Keating Texas AM Commerce TE
Mike Noble Texas AM Commerce LB
Morgan Selemaea Pittsburg State  LB/S
Mortenson Peyto  Concordia RB
Mullen,Adam Sioux Falls QB
Nahum Garent  Finlandia QB
Nate Dantley Lake Erie College  WR
Nate Davidson Greenville  OL
Nathan Gottlieb Macalester College DB
Nelson,Logan Umary QB
Nicholas Hill Greenville  DL
Noah Carlson Winona State RB
Noah Grover Slippery Rock  QB
Nura Lucas Sales II Florida Memorial University WR
Omarr Roberts Carthage College OL
Omarr Roberts Carthrage College OL
Oryon Hamlin Carleton RB
Pat Hardy Minot State DE
Paul Garrett Greenville  RB
Peal, David  Gustavus RB
Peyton Lamoureux Minot State WR
PJ Sarwinski Pittsburg State  LB
Prince Lollar Texas AM Commerce LB
Purpura,Giovanni Sioux Falls DB
Radell Dearic Washington Langston University DL
Ralph Jones Lake Erie College  RB
Rehoboth Chibesa Texas AM Commerce OL
Rehoboth Samson Chibesa Texas a&m commerce OL
Reisdorfer,Thuro  Sioux Falls RB
Rennie, Tanner  Gustavus RB
Ricky Smalling Winona State  WR
Rocafort,Nikolas  Hamline RB
Rodney Molette Wichita Force WR
Roste,Jaran Bethel QB
Sal Avila Valley City State LB
Santiago-Lloyd,Sam Winona State RB
Schlender,Nick St. Scholastica RB
Sergio Armendariz Greenville  OL
Seth Logan Greenville  TE
Sheehan,Rhett  Concordia-St. Paul LB
Sherwood,Jesse  Southwest MN St RB
Small Jr.,Dave  Umary RB
Sobieski, Lane  Lakeland QB
Solomon Ndukwe Texas AM Commerce OL
Steve Jesus Sanchez California Lutheran University K
Sullivan,Wade Minnesota Duluth RB
Swanson,Josh  Aurora QB
Tahj Davidson Langston University RB
Tanner Dylan Woodall Cumberland University DL
Tillman,Johnny Umary LB
Travis Dane Woodall Cumberland University LB
Tre Lee Augsburg RB
Trevor Catlin American International DE
Troy Feddema  Saint John's  RB
Troy Kowal Minot State OL T
Turjon McLaurin Greenville  DL
Tyler Kulka Lawrence Tech University QB
Tyler Maize Santa  Rosa JC RB
Tyrell  Goodwin South Carolina State University LB
Villanueva,Alejandro Hamline RB
Watkins,Anthony Wayne State  RB
Weber,Eli  Augustana DB
Williams,Darryl  Winona State) WR
Williams,Nyles Minnesota State ) WR
Wilson,Charlie Hamline RB
Wittenburg,Ethan  Sioux Falls) WR
Xavier Morris Texas AM Commerce LB
Zackary Luis Reynoso American international college/ Brooklyn Seminloes DL
Zeke Wall Pittsburg State  DL

Players Name

Ring & Registration



Players Name Address City Zip
Size, Number, Pos, Year, Color


Registration for the All American Bowl XXIII is now open.  Coaches can nominate their top players to compete in a pro workout as well as a national all star game.




Upcoming Events

The All American Bowl is back!

AAB XXI is back in Minnesota and is planned for the newly constructed US Bank Center, home of the Minnesota Vikings. Coaches nominiations are now being accepted. Please go here for more information.




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